December 4, 2015

Our Story

Aaron Meyer was a typical young person, growing up near Madison, WI.

Sometime in the summer of 2003, Aaron began experimenting with marijuana. Within three months, the drug had consumed sixteen-year-old Aaron. His parents didn’t understand addiction or know the full extent of Aaron’s situation. Determined to address what they perceived an “emotional growth” issue, Aaron’s parents sent him to Mount Bachelor Academy in Prineville, OR in December 2003. Aaron returned home in January 2005 a mature, humble, and peaceful soul. Aaron and his family were now fully aware of addiction.

“Responsibility” was the word Aaron used to describe his feeling on turning 18 on May 6, 2005. He had a plan for his immediate future: return to Oregon to attend Bend Community College, live with friends in recovery, get a job, attend recovery step meetings and stay in touch with his growth mentors. Aaron told his family, “We’ll help each other stay clean. It’ll work because nobody knows what we go through like we do.”

Aaron never had the chance to put this plan into action, he died on May 10, 2005 while helping another young man in recovery get to a job interview. Aaron’s idea did not die with him, a seed was planted and nourished by friends, family, professional recovery counselors, and others who recognized the potential in Aaron’s idea. In August 2007, Aaron’s House was opened in Madison, WI. Grace House for women opened in 2015, both Aaron’s House and Grace House offered a safe environment that protected sobriety and nourished each resident’s recovery through a supportive peer environment.

In September 2018, the Foundation closed the two peer recovery houses to move in a new direction. We hope friends and donors of the Aaron Meyer Foundation will join us as we look for new ways to support young men and women struggling with addiction in Madison and beyond. Please come back to the site in the future, together we can all make a difference.