August 11, 2015

Grace House

Welcome to Grace House Sober Residence for Women

We believe young women taken off track by substance use stay alive with sobriety and thrive when it’s nurtured by: healthy lifestyles, housemates who are also in recovery, and mentors. That is why we have Grace House, a home for sober living in Madison, WI.

Living interdependently in a healthy home, near colleges, Grace House Student-Residents are guided by a live-in House Mentor as they continue with sobriety and settle in to recovery.

Evidence supports our approach to sustained sobriety and recovery. The approach includes: commitment to education, healthy employment, participation in recovery-oriented programs, and cultivating relationships with housemates. The peer-to-peer support that comes from women who know you, and share your experience, will support you on your journey.

Grace House is a safe place to come home. It is a housing option for young women in recovery from substance use and ready for higher education, meaningful employment, improved relationships, and healthy living. While you live here you’ll begin to turn sober days into sober months, in time, you’ll celebrate the fact that you’ve been: sober for years, taken care of yourself and others, worked with integrity, used your intelligence to obtain a degree and carried yourself with dignity.

Grace house is blocks from the shores of Lake Mendota, near downtown Madison, Wisconsin, close to UW Madison, Edgewood College, and Madison College.