August 11, 2015

Aaron’s House

Welcome to Aaron’s House

Aaron's HouseWe believe young men taken off track by substance use stay alive with sobriety supported by peers, mentors, and healthy lifestyles.  Living interdependently in a healthy home, near colleges and education, Aaron’s House Student-Residents are guided by a live-in House Mentor to do the next right thing.

Evidence supports our plan of continuing education, healthy employment, 12 step work, and building relationships. The peer to peer support of guys who know your life is the bonding ingredient that keeps you committed on your journey.

Aaron’s House is a safe place to come home to from the time you begin turning your sober days into sober months until you can say “I’ve been sober 2 years. I have a degree worth having, a job I care about, and relationships I’m proud of.”

Aaron’s House is a substance use recovery housing option for young men ready for higher education, meaningful employment, improving relationships, and healthy living. Aaron’s house is one block from the shores of Lake Mendota, near downtown Madison, Wisconsin, close to UW Madison, Edgewood College, and Madison College.