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Peer support in healthy homes at Aaron’s House for Men, and Grace House for Women are cornerstones to a growing community of young men and women in recovery.

Continual learning, employment, healthy relationships, counseling, and 12 step meetings all contribute to building long term recovery.  A community of recovery focused peers is the bonding ingredient that can keep recovery working.

Aaron’s House and Grace House are safe communities to come home to from the time you begin turning your sober days into sober months.  Our homes are substance use recovery housing options for 18- 30 year old men and women who are ready for continued education, meaningful employment, improving relationships, and healthy living. Both homes are one block from the shores of Lake Mendota, near downtown Madison, Wisconsin, close to Madison College, UW Madison and Edgewood College.

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Apply Today

Is Aaron's House or Grace House Right for You?
If you meet this criteria, apply today or contact us for more information.

* Between the ages of 18 to 26
* Ready for higher education
* Committed to your recovery
* Willing to live with peers in recovery
* Working a recovery plan

Fill out the Resident Application Form and return it via email to:
drs@ajmfoundation.org or by snail-mail to:

Director of Resident Services
Aaron’s House Madison
850 E. Gorham
Madison, WI 53703

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